Used Toyotas a great value

June 18th, 2020 by

When you purchase a vehicle, you likely consider the longevity of the car before making your final choice.. Toyota has long been known to manufacture quality automobiles that last for generations. Customers who fall in love with Toyota tend to stay with Toyota. That means that when they choose a new vehicle, someone else can benefit from the miles of life left in their trade. How can purchasing a used Toyota benefit you?

Great Features
A previously owned Toyota often has many of the same features of the new models. Safety features and driver assistance technologies have been incorporated into the design of these cars for years. The added benefit is that a previously owned vehicle might have features that were considered optional giving you even more bang for your buck.

Service Records
When you purchase a used Toyota, you will be privy to information about how the car has previously performed. Records of routine maintenance, warranty repairs, recall repairs, or other service appointments are typically available for review provided the previous owner made them available. Having access to these records gives you a clearer picture of the car’s value.

Certified Pre-Owned
There are used Toyotas and then there are Certified Pre-Owned Toyotas. A Certified Pre-Owned Toyota is six model years old or newer with 85,000 miles or less. These automobiles are inspected and tested based on 160 criteria. Appearance and mechanical integrity are rigorously tested. In addition, a Certified Pre-Owned Toyota has had its history verified through CarFax.

Warranty Coverage
One benefit of a Certified Pre-owned Toyota is limited warranty coverage. Certified Pre-owned Toyotas leave the lot with both a limited comprehensive warranty and a limited powertrain warranty. These warranties are honored at over 4,000 locations nationwide. When you purchase a Certified Pre-owned Toyota you also receive a year of Roadside Assistance.

Budget Friendly
One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a previously owned Toyota is price. The initial sticker price of a previously owned Toyota is typically smaller than that of a brand new model. There is more to its budget friendly cost though. A car’s value depreciates the most within the first year of it being initially purchased. This means that a previously owned vehicle retains value well.

Purchasing a previously owned Toyota allows you to get a quality vehicle on a budget. If you have questions about the benefits of purchasing a previously owned Toyota, or if you’d like to test drive a previously owned Toyota for yourself, contact the professionals at Riverside Toyota.